Under Pressure: The Science Behind Infiniti’s Variable-Compression-Ratio Engine

The new Infiniti VC-Turbo engine (code-named KR20) is chock-full of interesting details that come with its variable-compression-ratio trick. Click on through to demystify the unique operating properties of the engine that recently debuted in the new 2019 Infiniti QX50.The VC-Turbo Isn’t Just Variable Compression, It’s Also Variable Displacement.The VC-T Also Is a Miller-Cycle Engine.It Employs Both Direct and Port Injection.The Exhaust Manifold Is Integral with the Head.The Cylinders’ Plasma Coating Comes from the GT-R.Its Turbocharger Is a Hybrid.The Lubrication System Is Conventional.The Crankshaft Has a Greater Offset.Compression-Ratio Change Is Continuous.

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